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I Have Use This Bot To Rank This Shorts Video From Zero 


According to YouTube conducted survey in 2023 they discover the reason why 97% 
YouTubers  fail, is because the lack of getting views to their video once uploaded from other outside YouTube to warm algorithm.

The new YouTubers It's not because they aren't working hard, so many of them are working hard on the wrong thing. 

Here's A Reality: 

What you are doing is not working, you are not getting views or sale from your videos, and if you continue like this down the road you will end up like the 97%. 

Over work, Stress out and nothing to show for it. You can never succeed on YouTube if you are not getting audience retention.

 You need new trick and tactics to rank your video on YouTube.  And this is where YouTube shorts Bot coming.

YouTube Use Audience Rotation To Rank Videos.

And The Best Way To Get Audience Retation In Minutes, Is YouTube Shorts BOT.

Just Follow This Steps To Make It Work

Make A Video 10 To 20 Seconds Long

 Upload It On YouTube With Your Affiliate Links Pin In The Comment Below.

Make Sure You Create Attractive Thumbnail A Tell People To Learn More In The Link In Comment.

Select Good Thumbnail When Uploading On YouTube

Copy The Url And Set Your Timer Click Start View

Sit Back And Relax Watch The Views Start Coming In Like Clock Work.

The Purpose Of YouTube Android Bot Is To Warm The YouTube Algorithms Start Showing Your Videos To More People.

Guest What?

 Today I want to share this my personal

 powerful BOT 

with you for getting thousands of views in few minutes for pennies. 

But only if you act now before I changed my mind not to sale

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I have been using this YouTube bot on my Android phone since 2021

Benefits of this bot is you'll never have to worry to rank a video on YouTube any more.

All you need to do rank your video is to use the bot get views in 15 minutes or more you are good.

If you video doesn't take off do it again & again until it take off.

Note: This works best on YouTube shorts. And the purpose of this bot is to warm the YouTube system to rank your video not to spam YouTube.

Here How It Works:


Copy Your Link Youtube Video (Exmple: And Than Paste On The Text Box.


Click The Check Box Free Proxy.


 Insert The Time Refresh Whatever You Want. 

So, If You Want To Get Unlimited Views On Your Videos Order Now For Pennies Today.

If You're Having Problems For Making Payment With PayPal Pls 

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